“Hello World!”

Hello guys, and welcome to my blog.

I’m a 23 years old guy who lives in a small town situated in the north-east Italy. Currently I’m studying Automation Engineering ( this is the literal translation: something more accurate shoul be “Control Theory” btw ) at the University of Padova. I started using GNU/Linux since 2004, switching between lots of distros and trying to improve my knowledge on this beautiful OS. During this process, which is still happening =P, I became curious to see how real software works, so I started downloading source tarballs, browse the code, and modify it to see how my tweaks works.

This year I decided to participate at the Google Summer of Code: I sent a proposal at KDE about an editor for desktop widgets, engines and themes they need ( http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Plasma/PlasMate ) and …Here we are !!

I was choosen to work on it with other two guys, so this summer ( and I hope not only this summer ) I’m coding for KDE, cool 🙂

My mentors suggested me to write a blog, so everyone can see my updates .. so here it is !

Stay tuned for further updates on PlasMate, I’ll post some screenshots and video whithin few days !

If you are impatient and want to see how it looks, click on the other PlasMate team’s blog :

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