Tokamak 3

With great displeasure, due to my exams, today I moved away from Tokamak 3 meeting in Randa, Switzerland.

By the way, in this four days, I meet new friends and learned the new technologies and features that KDE  soon will adopt.

We heard about the new features in QT 4.6, such as the new Anchor Layout ( very very very useful ), QMagnifyEffects and so on, the current state of art regarding plasma-netbook,  the new NetworkManager and the PolicyKit integration.

Since there are 4 GSoC-ers at the meeting ( with me of course 😛 ) there were also the presentations regarding our projects, that is: the new Widget Expoler ( Ana ), containment-mouse interaction ( Chani ), remote widgets ( Rob ) and PlasMate ( me).  Notmart also showed the new Plasma MediaCenter app, made from his GSoC student ( Alessandro ).

After the “Presentation” day, the following days we had a lot of coding and improvements to our projects,  mixed with hiking surrounded by an awesome nature and tons of tasty chocolate bars 😀

Summarizing: first of all THANKS to Mario, our hoster. Then, thanks to all the people that joined the Tokamak,  I’m really glad to met them all, and of course thanks to KDE that made the meeting a reality !!

I hope to join the next meeting again 😉