October news – Part 2

Since my previous blog entry, almost all the news i talked about are confirmed, except for one.

I’m talking about Kubuntu Karmic Koala Beta 1.

The reason behind my disappointment is summarized in this screenshot I took some days ago, after a freshly installed enviroment :


When i logged in for the very first time, plasma never started and only the wallpaper is shown, with a simple console shell on the top left corner of the screen. Contextual menu not working, no panels shown …

– “WTF” – is the first thing came up in my mind, for a bunch of reasons: I’m used to install K/Ubuntu Alpha/Beta since Edgy, and this kind of behaviour happened only when dist-upgrading from AlphaX to AlphaY, or from Alpha to Beta or, again, from BetaX to BetaY, not in a freshly installed Beta enviroment  =\

Since I’m quite used to work within the console, and since I use KDE installed from svn like my default and only DE ( and, hopefully, tomorrow I’ll post an entry concerning how to build it 😉 ), it wasn’t a big issue for me; but what about the case I’m asked to show the new features that will be released in Kubuntu ( thus, using the LiveCD ) to a person that has never seen a Linux-based O.S. ? Epic Fail, I would say …

By the way, that’s only my opinion; I hope this issue has happened only to me ( maybe the image I downloaded was slightly corrupted, the cd-rom scratched .. )

Now, a small good news 🙂

After a looooong time, the official Google Summer of Code 2009 T-Shirt has been delivered today !!! It really looks awesome 😀


Again, THANKS A LOT to Google, the KDE community, my mentor MoRpHeUz and Ruphy 🙂

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