The PlasMate TimeLine refactored

After a looooong time since my last commit in PlasMate ( damn university duties 😦 ), in this last week I started modifying the TimeLine code in order to allow its placement in every edge of the app. Indeed, until my today’s commit, the TimeLine was implemented with a QListWidget, so you can display your items only in a vertical layout; if you tried to move the TimeLine on the top or the bottom edge, the ugly result is shown in the screenshot below:

At a first sight, it seems to be placed in the left edge of the screen, but if you pay more attention, you can see that the TimeLine widget is placed in the bottom edge (see the size grip under the red “??”  for comparison), which is not how it should be shown !!!

So, I started rewriting the TimeLine using now a QTableWidget to display the elements, but during this improvement I remembered where the TimeLine came from. The TimeLine i wrote for the GSoC is similar to the Workflow widget, and that widget was taken from the Okular sidebar by Ruphy when he started the very first basis of PlasMate. And, as you know, Okular’s Sidebar does a lot of things we don’t actually need, so I came up with a deep refactoring of the whole TimeLine source code.

So, after few days gone-by refactoring and fixing some bothersome bugs (the worse of them appeared when down-sizing the window, which causes the scrollbar to be show and partially cover the icons or the text, depending on the widget orientation), the result is a fully placeable TimeLine, with a source code reduced of by a 20% factor 🙂

Below, here it is a short video about how it behaves now.

It still has some ugly behaviours, but i hope to fix them in the next few days !

Coming soon: same diet for the workflow dockwidget 😉

3 responses to “The PlasMate TimeLine refactored

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  2. Hey, very nice work with the timeline! I noticed a small peculiar issue though. When I click a save point on the timeline using the default color schemes and themes the text whites out – making them invisible against my white background. Here’s an image showing what I mean:

    Might it be caused by hardcoded color values somewhere?

    Also, will you be implementing the ‘publish to Get Hot New Stuff’ functionality sometime? 😛 I’m quite clueless in that department.


    • Hey Yuen Hoe, thanks =)
      what a strange behaviour, I’ll investigate immediately (looks like the delegate doesn’t read properly the color scheme)
      By the way, I’m clueless too with GHNS, so be patient 😛
      Thanks for the report, and great job to you too 😀


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