PlasMate 0.1 Alpha1 is Out!

[Update 02-14-2010] Check the awesome video done by Yueh Hoe Lim 😉

The first alpha release ever of PlasMate is now out, yay 🙂

For those who don’t know what PlasMate is, it is a simple all-in-one app to build plasmoid, data engines and runner for Plasma, focused on scripting languages ( javascript, python and ruby ).  It also focused on simplicity and ease of use -two clicks and you get a basic plasmoid/dataEngine runnner code and configuration file- with a nice editor with highlighting feature, an awesome previewer, and an innovative saving system (as soon as my exams session ends, I’ll write a full tutorial about why you are encouraged on using it 😉 ).

By the way, you can grab the sources from svn by typing:

$ svn co svn://

Since it’s an alpha release, it’s still incomplete and some feature are missing; but we need your feedbacks, so try it and report bugs/new ideas on the KDE Bug Tracking System.

Here it is a screenshot:

PlasMate team hope you’ll enjoy it !