GSoC week #1

As promised a week ago, I’ll briefly talk about what I’ve done during this first week of Google Summer of Code.

For those who doesn’t know what my my project is about, my goal is to build an authentication framework for KDE Plasma environment.

On itsΒ  current state, Plasma doesn’t provide anything to inform the user about the “level of reliability” of the scripted plasmoids downloaded using the plasma widget explorer, or installed via plasmapkg. Since scripted plasmoid are really powerful programs ( the APIs exposed to python, javascript and ruby through their respective bindings are really wide and complete ), we must made available a set of APIs calls and tools using these APIs in order to warn the user about the potential risk of using plasmoids made by an unknown developer. So, at the end of this SoC, when you will open the “Download dialog” to browse/select/download some plasmoids, netx to ( or under ) its icon, there will be 5 stars which represents the trust score of the plasmoid; this rating is also shown in the plasma widget explorer, so everytime you browse your local plasmoid, you can always see how a given app is rated. To complete the circle, I have to improve the remote widgets, in order to support the authentication, and patch PlasMate in order to provide a simple and nice interface to the signing process.

To achieve this goals, I’m gonna using the Qt Cryptographic Architecture to access the OpenPGP keyring and interact with it ( for example, to laod the default KDE public keys, retrieve the user imported key, and verify the signature coming with the plasmoids).

During this week I’ve coded the library structure, and implemented the algorithm that splits the keys in the keyring according with the 6 levels of trust, and now I’m gonna to complete it and look forward my mentor’s advices, so stay tuned πŸ™‚

Here we go, GSoC

Tomorrow the Google Summer of Code will officially start, and I’m even more excited than the previous year !

It will be tough, I know, because writing an authentication framework is not a subject to take lightly; however it will be challenging goal to reach :)! Moreover, I’ll be able to test it effectively, because I’m gonna to improve the plasma widget explorer and the widget download dialog as well, and of course PlasMate too.

Despite of my laziness about blogging (I’m not a good speaker, least of all a good writer), I’m thinking about writing a sort of weekly report about my activity; both for digression and for memory.

Ugh .. a propos of week, I’m still having classes for the next two… Luckily there are only six hours per week so, during my spare time there, I’ll meet my girlfriend and Riccardo (the other GSoC guy, and my friend) in our College library to work/study together. Oh well will work, she will study; and then we will go all together out for lunch πŸ˜€

All the best to all the GSoC students!

I’ve spotted Tux :D

Yesterday I was having a look around Abano Terme with my girlfriend, when I saw somethign really really really really strange on the right side of the road; I was so surprised that I picked my N73 cell phone, I gave it to my girfriend who took this photo:

Yeah, the picture quality sucks, by the way let’s zoom in, and see the lower left quarter of the image.

Yay, a wild Tux appeared πŸ˜€

Even though the photo is blurred, you can read the following text “TUX Birreria-Pizzeria”, which means “TUX Brewery-Pizzeria”, how awesome !!!

What about scheduling the next Tokamak in its neighbourhood? πŸ˜‰