Here we go, GSoC

Tomorrow the Google Summer of Code will officially start, and I’m even more excited than the previous year !

It will be tough, I know, because writing an authentication framework is not a subject to take lightly; however it will be challenging goal to reach :)! Moreover, I’ll be able to test it effectively, because I’m gonna to improve the plasma widget explorer and the widget download dialog as well, and of course PlasMate too.

Despite of my laziness about blogging (I’m not a good speaker, least of all a good writer), I’m thinking about writing a sort of weekly report about my activity; both for digression and for memory.

Ugh .. a propos of week, I’m still having classes for the next two… Luckily there are only six hours per week so, during my spare time there, I’ll meet my girlfriend and Riccardo (the other GSoC guy, and my friend) in our College library to work/study together. Oh well will work, she will study; and then we will go all together out for lunch 😀

All the best to all the GSoC students!

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