About Naruto chapter 499

Oh well, this is my very first post where I’m talking about my passion for mangas, especially for the Naruto and PGE series 🙂

However, as the last Naruto chapter _really_ amazed me like I’ve never felt since the chapters 439/440, I want to share my personal collection of thoughts about that.
Warning: don’t read this post unless you are up to date with Naruto, otherwise /epicspoils will occur!
One of the most epic moments in Naruto, in my opinion, was when he unleashed his seal to awake the Nine Tails and beat Pain, and suddenly the 4th Hokage stopped him and revealed to be his father, do you remember that moment? Really touching and awesome.

Well, these last chapters – 497/498/499 -showed an impressive succession of astonishing events like the previous I described. First he meets her mother, then the funny story about how she and Minato fell in love each other, and today Naruto finally defeats the Kyubi and discovers that his mother was the previous Nine Tails Jinchuuriki :O

Wow, Naruto’s new seal (the part around his neck) totally looks like the Sage of the Six Path’s one, isn’t it?

Naruto with the his new seal

The Sage of The Six Path

As I said, really amazing!

Now I’ve got lots of questions about Kushina and how Madara succeeded to stole her the Kyubi, and unleash it against the Leaf village..

I’m also curious to see Sasuke with his new Mangekyou Sharingan, and finally to discover  Madara’s true power ..

Uh yeah, Naruto still have some Itachi’s chakra within him, that’s an other important detail to not forget for the future 🙂

Good Lord, this time Kishimoto really did an awesome job, bringing Naruto’s plot to the highest lever ever !!!

I’m dying for reading the next chapter now 😉

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