GSoC week #4 and #5, with screencast

[Update]: since the video on youtube still look like crap ( šŸ˜¦ ), I’ve re-uploaded the video on and embedded from it.

Two weeks are gone without blogging, and now it’s time to show to the Planet the progess I made during this weeks with my GSoC project.

During week #4 I was somewhat busy with a College exam, however I performed a lot of fixes to the Authentication API, and got lots of headaches because of the qca-gnupg, again :\

Basically, when calling the startVerify(QByteArray &detachedSig) function, it randomly hangs, causing the library to freeze ( and thus the application too). After struggling a lot on the possible reasons, I noticed that the gpg process spawned by qca sometimes didn’t end, causing the issue. I wrote in the QCA mailing list, where I sent some feedbacks about what’s happened, but the problem doesn’t seems to be easily fixable. So, in the meantime, I wrote an other workaround to launch gpg with aĀ  KProcess and parse its output, until the patch is released.

During week #5 I started to deeply integrate the authentication library into the widget explorer. When I made this screenshot, I basically setted a fixed TrustLevel for each scirpted plasmoid, as well for the rating icons, to test how these new informations will look once merged with the usual UI. Now, instead, the ratings are retrieved by verifying each plasmoid against its signature, if any, and the informations about the signer are showed in the tooltip. Moreover, compared to the screenshot I linked above, the icons which represents the rating and running plasmoid are now better placed in the layout, in order to save space on the bottom of the Plasma widget explorer.

Oh well, stop talking now, and let’s see the video I made šŸ™‚
[ ?posts_id=3835218&dest=-1]

.ogv version

Urghh, seems like Youtube is taking a lot to process my video…If tomorrow the condition is the same, I’ll re-upload on .

8 responses to “GSoC week #4 and #5, with screencast

  1. I find this absolutely great, but I see one major flaw in terms of consistency. You are using the stars that are used throughout all of KDE SC to show a rating based on the importance of a file or the user’s affinity to it, thus failing to
    1) Allow a new user to understand what the shown rating is (upon first seeing the video, I believed it was a user set rating)
    and 2) Keep consistency; by using the rating stars, it is bringing the icon an entirely new meaning which in inconsistent with the usage found in the rest of the KDE SC

    Other than that, the work looks great, and this feature is bound to be great when finished, keep up the good work!


    • Thanks for the feedback šŸ™‚
      However, this implementation is still in its early stage, and must be reviewed before being submitted upstream. This is how I imagined the concept, however I’m sure the reviewboard guys will give me the right advices to improve the consistency of the app.


  2. That is _very_ cool!
    The signing of widgets was a needed feature and the widget explorer looks much smoother.
    I couldn’t really see it in the screencast but do you scroll by holding down LMB and drag it?


    • Thank you!
      However, I did some minor modification to the painting function, so I’m not sure the smoothness is so noticeable ( at least, I didn’t noticed it ).
      I simply scroll with the mouse scroll wheel šŸ™‚


  3. Maybe you could use gpgme++ and gpgme that can be found in kdepimlibs instead of qca. At least it worked for me in KGet.


    • To be honest, after all these issues, I was wondering about using the QGpgME (in kdepimlibs too). However, changing framework because of some bugs, means wasting time on re-adapting the existing code so I want to take this as the very last option.


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