Thoughts about this Summer of Code :)

Yesterday I was thinking about my whole GSoC and what I learned and did during this period and, regardless the evaluation that Aaron will fill about my work, I must admit that this year I’m very excited about what I’ve done 😀

In fact, during these months, I :

  • learned the QCA framework, and wrote the authentication library on the top of it;
  • got in touch with their developers, and asked them for improvements;
  • recognized QCA limitations, took the decision to move to the GpgME++ library, learned it, and ported the authentication library to this new library;
  • debated with the open-collaboration-service guys both at #ghns and on their mailing list about adding gpg support;
  • took part in the drafting of the new Open Collaboration Service API;
  • learned how the Attica library works, and modified it in order to make it work with the testerver they put online;
  • improved the KNewStuff3 library to retrieve, process and show the authentication informations.

Compared with the last year, when  I worked on PlasMate, this year I really enjoyed my gsoc, had a lot of fun and met great people.

That’s why I want to thank Aaron for begin my mentor, Frederik Gladhorn and Frank Karlitschek  for our talks about the open collaboration draft and their help with the testserver, Marc Mutz for his help on the GpgME++ library, Justin Karneges for his support with QCA, and Pinotree for his advices 😉

2 responses to “Thoughts about this Summer of Code :)

  1. It’s great to read that you enjoyed your GSOC. All these integrative technologies are really important and I hope it all comes together soon. 🙂

    Thank you for your work and I hope you’ll stick around.



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