Ordered my new laptop, Windows free =D

[Edit:] Got the laptop, time to build KDE 😀

This is not a kde-related post, so you can skip it if you like. However, since I managed to achieve this awesome result, I thought it’s worth sharing it with the community 🙂

As you should’ve noticed,  I’m not on irc anymore because my old laptop broke1 (after more than 4 years of honourable service), and it was my only computer at home. So, during this period, I looked for vendors that sell  linux-based laptops.  The criteria were the following:

  • Linux powered, or no operating system at all (of course ;));
  • 17″ screen size: since this laptop will be my only computer, I’m going to use it for coding, university stuff, multimedia and I don’t want to stress too much my eyes with smaller screen size  (I’m already myopic asd);
  • Intel i3 or i5 processor;
  • a good video card;
  • a reasonable amount of ram and hard drive space 😛

Turned out that most of the vendors that respect my first criteria are located in US, and they can ship their products only in US and Canada (some of them to Europe, but with restrictions) . The only exeption was zareason which ships worldwide but first,  — what if the laptop will broke? I can’t wait months for being fixed — and second, they don’t provide a 17″ model at the moment (unlike System76 does, for example). Of course I found a couple of vendors in italy, but they are quite unknown compared with the aforementioned ones, with little possibility of customization too.

So, before my surrender, I decided to give a last try with my previous laptop vendor (www.enface.it). I was really happy with it: a very good machine2, with an amazing audio and, a bright display and a good processor. Four years ago I was more naive than now, and when the retailer told me — “No, we aren’t allowed to sell you our laptops without XP” — I didn’t insisted; instead, I agreed.

But not this time.

After configuring the laptop according to my budget and wishes, here it is the most important part of our conversation:

Advisor:  “Now, by default this laptop comes out with windows7 Home Premium, but I think an upgrade to Professional would be a wise choice.”

Me: “Actually, I don’t want any Windows operating system at all.”

A: “What?”

M: “You heard me: I don’t want Windows in my laptop.”

A: “Well, this is not feasible because the vendor and Microsoft made an agreement, and we can’t overcome that.”

M: “I’m not pretty sure about that. I downloaded, printed and readed the full Windows7 EULA and, at page 1, it says — “By using the software, you accept these terms. If you do not accept them, do not use the software. Instead, return it to the retailer for a refund or credit” –. I’m saying I don’t want to use that software, ergo you don’t even have to waste your time with installing it; simply skip that step, subtract its cost and that’s all.

A: “I’m sorry, but we can’t. Furthermore, for a smoother and immersive desktop experience, we strongly recommend you Windows7.”

M: “I’m sorry for wasting your time then, because I have no intention on buying a laptop with Windows. I’ll try somewhere else. Sorry.”

A: “Hmm wait, let me make a call to the tech-support, ok?”

M: “Ok.”

[~30 seconds phone call]

A: “Ok, seems like it’s possbile to ship our laptops without OS. However, because of the agreement we and Microsoft made, the cost of the license is far different from the one you can find in a store. We can refund you 78€3 though.”

M: “That sounds great! Where should I sign?”

So yeah, an other little battle won against Micro$oft dictature 😀

If some you guys are in the same situation I was, just remember these two things:

  1. never give up, be perseverant!
  2. you are not asking anything illegal, neither you are stealing a percentage of the retailer’s income: it’s your right to refuse Microsoft EULA and, if the retalier doesn’t allow you doing so, he is acting illegally, not you!

I will receive my laptop in about a week, so expect an other blog post with more details soon 😛

Cheers !!
1: Because of an unfortunate event beyond my control, daaaamn ='(
2: if you are curious, check the tech details here (italian only)
3: About 104$, not so bad at all!

16 responses to “Ordered my new laptop, Windows free =D

  1. In Austria we have one quite big vendor (DiTech) where you can actually choose not to buy Windows. They will offer and recommend it – of course, they are Microsoft partner .. but I don’t really care.

    For me personally, the problem is that I want a docking station like the edock of Dell, which they don’t offer. All serious vendors with docking stations (HP, Dell, Lenovo) only sell with windows – here at least.

    I decided for a dell notebook in the end, which was simply the cheapest option (and my laptops die within 2 years anyway …)


  2. Are you really saying that I’ve payed 78€ for my win7 licence? I was expected that prices was cheaper, less then 20€…

    here’s a link with the prices of OEM version [1], quite disappointing to know that 10% of my laptop price is for window 7… (although i use it)

    I suppose prices for big company such Dell, Asus, PB are even cheaper anyway.

    [1] http://notebookitalia.it/windows-7-in-versione-oem-prezzi-rivelati-6623.html

    italia translation
    mi esprimo meglio in Italiano: pensavo che le versioni OEM costassero di meno, tanto che il risparmio potenziale per non accettare la EULA fosse trascurabile. Magari i prezzi OEM per grandi distributori (il mio laptop è un PB) sono minori…


    • A detta del rivenditore che mi ha assistito, il rimborso era di 65€ (a cui poi si aggiunge l’iva al 20%, ottenendo la cifra che ho indicato). Francamente meno di 20€ di rimborso mi sembrano una presa in giro; probabilmente ti è stato detto così per farti desistere dal richiederlo (secondo me); tieni conto che una licenza acquistata da un privato costa 209€ quindi, anche supponendo che per Dell il costo delle licenze si riduca del, spariamola grande, 75%, almeno 50€ avrebbero potuto rimborsarteli.


  3. Great to see that they give you some $ back.

    I don’t know if this is the same as some years ago, but a PC with Windows was cheaper or more powerful that a PC with no OS. If this is the case, I would buy it with Windows.
    Also, if you get a hardware that doesn’t work nice with linux/bsd/any-os you will need Windows, and the 7th version is not bad.


  4. It’s nice to see that they made it work for you. Some of the big vendors (I think HP is one) now have a vendor-specific EULA alongside the Windows EULA on first-run, which adds the condition that you must return the whole machine in order to claim a refund on the OS. I don’t know whether this is enforceable or not, but it would definitely mean a lot of hassle, so I guess it’s best to try to deal over the phone before you buy it.


    • Ok, enough.
      During that infamous Linux Day, when all the others speakers were at lunch (and the projector wasn’t busy), I spent a whole hour to configure the double monitor thing in the best and usable way; and I did it.
      But, the guy I lent my laptop (because he needed my KDE compiled from trunk in order to show what’s new in KDE-Edu module), wasn’t satisfied enough of what I achieved and, worse than all, he tried to reconfigure the dual monitor even if he explicitly said he never had experience with an nVidia graphic card.
      The result was obvious: after trying over and over again, the projector stopped working at all and only at this point that guy asked me to fix the configuration again. He already lost a lot time with it, the public audience was getting bored, so after five minutes I was trying to make the projector working again, guess what he said to the public?
      “Sorry for the technical issues, but (referred to me) he is not able to restore the projector again, because of crappy hardware.”
      What the fuck?, I thought.
      This guy wasn’t even honest enoguh to admit he completely failed and fucked up my laptop; instead, he blame on my laptop (with an nVidia 7600, for God’s Sake, not a crappy Intel GMA) and made me appear like the idiot unable to setup the notebook again.
      So, he did his talk with an other laptop, and I moved to the installation room to made some test with an other video projector; and guess what? After a few, it was working again!
      I brought him the laptop back again, he showed the KDE-edu stuff, and he never apologized with me about his behaviour.
      I was disappointed, angry with him, and embarassed with the public audience, so I made the worst talk than ever.

      That’s what happened at Barsanti.
      Two projectors working with my laptop, and all fucked up because of that guy’s arrogance.


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